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Captain Joe Cacciola, Sea Star Charters

Captain Ernie Prieto, Chubasco Sportfishing

PIER Institute  

Oceanside Sea Center
315 Harbor Drive South
Oceanside, CA 92054


The Oceanside SEA Center is excited to offer an enhanced ocean experience to harbor visitors and the greater Oceanside community.

The Sea Center brings together Captain Joe Cacciola of Sea Star Charters and Captain Ernie Prieto of Chubasco Sportfishing to develop a new landing experience in Oceanside Harbor.  The landing will continue to offer traditional open party sportfishing trips with an emphasis on customer service, community involvement and the consistency you deserve.

The Sea Center will also offer an array of activities for all age groups, including whale watching trips, eco-tours and floating science programs.  The Center will place emphasis on highlighting marine stewardship through a partnership with the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research (PIER), a non-profit research group based in Oceanside that supports sustainable recreational and commercial operations.

The coupling of sportfishing activities with an established research institution will set the Sea Center apart from all other Southern California landings.  PIER has twenty years of experience working with managers to ensure our resources are managed with the best available information.  PIER research is specifically focused on regionally important species that support local recreational and commercial fisheries, like bluefin tuna, white sea bass and swordfish.

We are confident that the Sea Center will enhance recreational opportunities and broaden Oceanside’s commitment towards marine stewardship and public education.

The Oceanside SEA Center is dedicated to providing: 

• Half-day and 3/4-day open party sportfishing.

• Private charter sportfishing, half-day, 3/4-day and overnight.

• Burials at Sea, including military burials with full honors for our veterans.

• Whale watching and wildlife viewing eco-tours. 

• Onboard student floating science labs.

• Customized charters on board any of our USCG certified vessels.

*   An engaging ocean learning experience through passive, interactive and living exhibits.

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